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General Management Department of the Dean's Office, Faculty of Pharmacy is responsible for managing the faculty to be able to operate efficiently. The department is responsible for management in various sectors as follows

Office of the Dean, General Management

  • General Management Section

    Divided into 12 sub-units as follows

    1. Correspondence responsible for government documents. Receiving-sending documents / packages and other related documents Including mail and parcel delivery service of personnel, document tracking, related document storage. Document scanning for public relations in the organization And perform coordination work related to the administration of various departments

    2. Staffing is responsible for all personnel work. Both academic lines And academic support lines Including all types of employees Since the beginning process Including recruitment, selection, filling and appointment Knowledge enhancement Performance appraisal Including various welfare of personnel, making personnel development plans Risk management Knowledge management Until the end of the process of the person including retirement, retirement

    3. Buildings and vehicles is responsible for the maintenance of the faculty's buildings. Including various utilities To clean up Vehicle control Maintenance / maintenance to be available. Making various statistics Related With the use of buildings, locations and vehicles